Bouvron Reddition monument

Several streams flow through the ‘commune’ of Bouvron and into the Isac and Brivet rivers. Hikers will enjoy strolling along the 70 kilometres of paths, discovering its peaceful hamlets, fields and hedgerows and enchanting views.

Numerous clay ovens and crosses mark out the paths. Some of them are very old, like the ‘Beau Soleil’ cross which was carved in granite.

In the 18th century, the parish was divided into friaries. Some of them had their own chapel with their patron saint. Saint-Julien Chapel and Saint-André Chapel have been restored recently.

The Surrender Monument
Bouvron was occupied by the Germans until May 11th 1945. A giant Lorraine cross to commemorate the Surrender of the St-Nazaire Pocket stands west of the village.


remise des armes

Monument d la reddition de Bouvron

Bouvron reddition monument

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