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Château et Essor Blinois.

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The public part of the château is open from March to October, 

Tuesday to Sunday from 10 am to 12 noon and from 2.30 pm to 6.30 pm



La tour du pont Levis du Chateau de la Groulaie à Blain



Some dates :

- 1104 : The Duke of Brittany, Alain IV Fergent builds this powerful fortress, capable of sustaining a siege.
- 14th century : Olivier de Clisson, Constable of France, enlarges the castle and builds the Constable’s Tower.
- 1409 : The castle becomes the property of the Rohan family, until the Revolution.
- 1629 : Following religious strife, the castle is dismantled by order of Richelieu.
- 1793 : Destruction, pillaging. It is unoccupied during the Revolution.
- 1918 : At the beginning of the 20th century the castle is bought by the Princess of Greece and her husband who carry out a lot of restoration work.

Today, the Castle of Blain has become an essential element in the economic and tourist life of the region with ...

A private part ...
The King’s Apartments, the Queen’s Cellars and the Constable’s Tower. Since 1989 and throughout the year, they have been used by a restaurant to host various receptions such as weddings, seminars etc.

A public part ...
The Drawbridge Tower and adjoining buildings. This part of the fortress is living again thanks to the association ‘Château et Essor Blinois’ which organises a medieval festival, various art exhibitions and the display an old printing workshop.


Tour du pont levis du Château de la Groulaie à Blain

The Chateau of Blain tower


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